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Wise-integration and EDOM Technology Announce Channel
Partnership for GaN IC Power Semiconductor Deployment
Meylan, France –– Feb. 10, 2022 –– Wise-integration, a pioneer in digital control of GaN power
supplies and GaN ICs, and EDOM Technology, a leading distributor and solutions provider in
Asia, today announced their new channel partnership in the field of GaN (gallium nitride)
power semiconductors, with the goal of expanding Wise-integration’s business in Asian
The strategic partnership will leverage Wise-integration’s GaN power transistor and digital
control capabilities, as well as EDOM’s extensive distribution network for semiconductor
components and customer-support capability throughout Asia.
Gallium nitride (GaN) is a wide-bandgap, next-generation semiconductor technology that has
become key in a complete power electronics offering. It operates up to 20x faster than silicon
and provides up to 3x the power or 3x the charge in half the size and weight as silicon devices.
The company’s customers will also benefit from greater access to GaN products and resources
globally, especially in Asia, one of the fastest-growing marketsfor GaN technology. In addition,
Wise-integration and EDOM Technology will collaborate on innovative GaN design using Wiseintegration’s WiseGan® portfolio and WiseWare® digital control.
This will provide customers with more benefits, including reduced bill of materials (BOM),
easier, faster-design in, and highest performances due to digital control.
“Optimistic about the next-generation materials’ market potential of wide-bandgap
semiconductors as well asthe small size, high efficiency GaN technology that Wise-integration
provides, we are glad to have Wise-integration as EDOM’s new partner on expanding our
power solutions, and we will bring more options and advanced solutions to our clients,” said
Wayne Tseng, Chairman of EDOM Technology.
“We are pleased to announce our partnership with EDOM Technology to enable Wiseintegration to accelerate its business opportunities in Asia. By combining our GaN expertise
with EDOM’s capabilities, I am confident that we will be able to grow our business and help
customers realize more benefits from GaN in their power-supply applications,” said Thierry
Bouchet, CEO of Wise-integration.

About Wise-integration
Based in France, Wise-integration was founded in 2020. It specializes in the design and development
of disruptive power-electronics solutions based on GaN technology. By combining both a GaN
component (WiseGan®) and an advanced AC-DC system architecture with software (WiseWare®),
Wise-integration opens the possibility of a charger up to 3x smaller, 3x more efficient and 3x lighter
from 30W to 3kW. The combination of these two innovations targets the consumer, e-mobility and
data-center server markets.
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About EDOM technology
More than Distribution, EDOM is Your Best Solutions Partner
Founded in July 1996 and headquartered in Taipei, EDOM Technology is Asia’s best distribution and
solutions provider. EDOM provides best-in-class distribution and solutions-based services to vendors,
ODMs and OEMs around Asia and the world. EDOM has years of experience serving established
markets and anticipating the requirements for leading edge products and applications, including
portable and wearable devices, wireline and wireless communications, Internet of Things (IoT),
automotive, robotics, medical, industrial control, computers and many other applications. With deep
technical experience in opto-electronics, digital, analog and mixed-signal applications, and excellent
logistics and operation, EDOM bridges the gap between vendors, customers and partners to provide a
full range of services and solutions.
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