WiseWare® is a digital controller

WiseWare® , a firmware embedded in a high performance 32 Bits MCU, works with WiseGan® to bring out the best in GaN and improve system performance. It is based on WiseWare® proprietary architectures to achieve unmatched performance.

A disruptive digital


Our ambition: To develop the power supply market
by offering a revolutionary solution

High Efficiency Power Conversion

High Density Power Conversion

AC-DC Converters

ZVS Phase Shifted Full Bridge

Small-Medium UPS

Fast Battery Charging


Optimized functionality to reduce cost and production processes

  • Firmware development aligned with IEC-61508
  • Undervoltage Lockout Circuitry
  • Adaptive Zero Voltage Switching
  • Integrated digital 6V Shunt Regulator Controller
  • Synchronous Rectification Control for High Efficiency
  • Adjustable Frequency Operation 200kHz – 2MHz
  • Output Power Levels from 50 W to 3 kW
  • Short-Circuit Protection Mode
  • Very Low Start-Up and Quiescent Currents
  • Programmable Compensation

Key Benefits

All the GaN benefits are optimized here thanks to the WiseWare® innovation

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