Wise-integration & Leadtrend Technology Introduce GaN System-in-Package Targeting Rapid Consumer Device Charging

Wise-integration, a French pioneer in digital control of gallium nitride (GaN) and GaN ICs for power supplies, and Leadtrend Technology Corporation (TWSE stock code: 3588), a specialist in analog and analog-digital mixed-mode IC designs, today announced the release of a GaN system-in-package (SiP) supporting consumer electronics applications.

Their collaboration’s targeted application is a 65-watt USB PD adapter for high-speed charging of smartphones, laptops and other devices. The LD966LGQALVE High Voltage Multi-Mode PWM Controller of Flyback with GaN integrated includes Leadtrend’s silicon die flyback controller and Wise-integration’s 650V e-mode gallium-nitride (GaN) transistor die in a SiP. The SiP has passed 1,000 hours of operating life tests (OLT).

“This SiP enables original design manufacturers (ODM) to develop a less expensive system with fewer components, a smaller printed circuit board and faster system-development time,” said Thierry Bouchet, CEO of Wise-integration. “This collaboration also underscores Leadtrend’s confidence in the breadth and depth of our GaN expertise and the quality of our products.”

The LD966L is green-mode PWMIC built-in with brown-in/out functions of a QFN8X8 package. It minimizes the component count, circuit space, and reduces overall material cost for the power applications. It features HV start, green-mode power-saving operation, soft-start functions to minimize power loss and enhance system performance.

The LD966LGQALVE Evaluation Board features an overall peak efficiency of 93.02% and a power density of 22.7 W/in3.  More information https://www.leadtrend.com.tw/tw/product-page/12/355-ld966L.

Wise-integration has optimized GaN capabilities to make power-electronics technology both greener and more efficient with high-current, high-voltage breakdown and high switching frequency. Its WiseGan® power-integrated circuit (IC) combines several power electronics functions into a single GaN chip for improved speed, efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The company opened an office in Taiwan in 2022, and uses 650V GaN/Si technology from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) in its  650V e-mode GaN transistor die with ESD protection.

Wise-integration recently announced the closing of its Series B round of funding totalling 15 million.

About Wise-integration

Wise-integration is a French fabless company founded in 2020, specializing in the advancement of power electronics through innovative GaN technology and digital control solutions. Leveraging its expertise, Wise-integration introduces a compelling synergy between its GaN device (WiseGan®) and a 32-bit, MCU-based, AC-DC digital controller (WiseWare®). This powerful combination enables the development of technologies facilitating chargers that are up to 3x smaller, 3x more efficient and 3x lighter, catering to power requirements from 30W to 7kW. Targeting a broad spectrum of markets, including consumer electronics, e-mobility, industrial applications, data centers and automotive sectors, Wise-integration is at the forefront of transforming power delivery with its cutting-edge components and digital control technologies.

For more information, visit www.wise-integration.com

About Leadtrend

Founded in 2002, Leadtrend Technology Corporation (TWSE stock code: 3588) is headquartered in Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Hsinchu County. The management team is highly educated and experienced in the power management field. Specializing in development of AC-DC primary and secondary side controllers, Leadtrend designs mixed-mode and comb-type ICs, as well. It is the best fabless company for AC-DC mid- and high-power application total solutions.

For more information, visit www.leadtrend.com.tw/en/

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