About Us

Our ambition: To develop the power supply market by offering a revolutionary solution

Wise Integration is a spin-off of the CEA, a major European research player in low-carbon energy.

Wise Integration is part of this dynamic: putting research and innovation at the service of green tech.

Wise Integration’s embedded systems can be integrated into all electronic components, from a simple phone charger to a Big Data management center.

Wise Integration technology is in all everyday objects to enable electronics manufacturers to offer consumers more environmentally friendly products.

Wise integration has a patent to optimize the technology and power of GaN to develop more powerful and less expensive products.

Wise integration technology enables optimization of integrated systems while reducing production costs.

Our vision is to maximise the customer product benefits and attractivity reducing energy consumption, size and cost.

Thierry Bouchet, CEO

Our chips are manufactured at TSMC, the world leader in semiconductors. This industry is the key driver of technological innovation and being the most strategic in the world, we had to associate ourselves with the best present on the market today.
At Wise Integration, we take care of the entire industrialization chain, from the technical specifications of the device to the final assembly.

Our innovation adapts to the specificities and technical features of electronic products.
Wise integrates with all the technical constraints of your specifications.

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