Power GaN Integrated circuits to reach the highest efficiency

High efficiency mean no heat losses!

96% of efficiency reach on our first prototype

98% of efficiency targeted
Flexible system architecture

our patented e-DAB system architecture is compatible with all range of power from 15W up to many kW

cost reduction

we reduce power supply BOM with our intergrated SOC GAN device and our flexible patented system architecture

ASIC Power GaN design

Based on cutomer demand, we Design and simulate our integrated GaN power device based on GaN 650V TSMC design kit. We used our design block to optimize GaN integrated device functionality

Industrialisation and mass production

Wise integration use the qualified 650V GAN/Si available technology from TSMC the world foundry leader. We manage all the industrialisation flow from device specifiction to assy, test and qualification.

reference design and customer support

We develop our own reference design based on our patented e-DAB and e-DBSS system architecture. We use our GaN integrated device to optimize system efficiency, cost and size. We support customer by adapting the reference design to their specification.


We provide innovative Power GaN integrated device

Power GAN ASIC integrated device for power supply applications

Wise integration is an innovative company developping power GaN integrated ASIC device to improve efficiency and compacity of all power supply. We demonstrated a 100W USB type C Power delivery power supply with only 3% of energy losses GET STARTED TODAY

Contact us

first name and name

Board of directors

Wise integration core team

Thierry Bouchet

CEO and co founder

Dominique Bergogne

CTO and co founder

OUR products

GaN IC generations

GAN integrated circuits generation : more functionality to improve efficiency at lower cost

GeN1 – 650V – 50mOhms

Hal Integrated  power bridge

for 100W power supply Gen 1 datasheet
GeN2 – 650V – 170 mohms

half integrated power bridge for 100W power supply

Gen3 – 650V – 50 mohms

Full integrated power bridge for 500W power supply

Last news

Wise-integration the pioneer of  DC access point using innovative GaN IC technology and system architecture to reach ultimate efficiency and avoid energy losses
come to see us at CES LAs VEgas :Sands, Hall G – 50463
Eureka Park 

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