How do you explain GaN to your customers ?

We’ll focus on gallium nitride (GaN) technology, because in addition to its technical capabilities and performance, the GaN semiconductor is becoming essential in many applications, and will help save energy and reduce the carbon footprint.

What is GaN? 

GaN (gallium nitride) is a very hard and mechanically stable wide band gap semiconductor. It is a III/V binary material, which is well suited for high power transistors capable of operating at high temperatures.

It was used in the 1990s to make LEDs, and in power semiconductor devices, RF components, lasers and photonics, many use it in the manufacture of chargers.

Advantages of GaN

  1. High efficiency – Because GaN semiconductors are inherently more efficient than silicon, less energy is expended as heat.  The cost of energy is reduced.
  2. Higher power density – Higher switching frequencies and operating temperatures than silicon allow for reduced cooling requirements and smaller heat sinks
  3. System cost reduction – the use of GaN reduces the system cost by reducing the size and cost of other components.

GaN in USB-C charger application

GaN allow charger to be smaller, more powerful and efficient.

For chargers, the main advantage of GaN technology is that it produces less heat. By producing less heat, charger components can be physically closer together, resulting in a powerful, compact and safe charger.

Using GaN reduces the cost of the system by reducing the size and cost of other components such as inductive and capacitive passive circuit elements, filters, cooling, etc…

GaN is much more efficient, hence the low heat generation. As a result, we can produce more compact chargers with a much longer life 😊. 

GaN allows us to completely change the way we charge our electronic devices by offering better power transfer efficiency, faster charging speeds, and smaller, more portable chargers.

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